The new Blue Beach Fossil Museum will serve several functions once built.

Research Lab

Preservation of and collection from a world-class asset. Display of paleontological treasures where they are found. Facilities for ongoing contribution to scientific research. Potential to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Economic Activity

Creation of a community-driven institute and economic asset. Expansion and development of traditional and Geotourism. Local and regional employment and services opportunities. Potential to attract 25,000+ annual visitors to the area. ~450,000 people within a 100 km / 1 hour drive. Generation of millions of dollars per year in economic spinoff. “Gateway to the Valleys” – Nova Scotia Wine Country

Educational Asset

New science-focused resource for students and public. Enlightenment about the evolution of life on earth. Promotion of awareness for local natural and human history. Creation and facilitating public education programs and outreach. Museum and outdoor educational opportunities.


Exhibition space with interactive and interpretive displays. Research library and preparation lab. Multi-media theatre. Multipurpose room for traveling displays, community use.


Restaurant and patio serving local products. Formal and interpretive gardens. Gift shop showcasing natural history and science products. Self-guiding interpretive trails and boardwalks. Natural forest trails and vista look-offs.