Dear Friend,

The Blue Beach Fossil Museum Society (BBFMS) invites you to become a partner in the building of a most exiting venture – the creation of a world-class science museum.

Blue Beach is one of the most important yet unrecognized fossil sites in the world. The fossils from Blue Beach are not only incredibly rare but are also changing theories on how and when the very first vertebrates conquered land – Evolutions Greatest Mystery. They are considered treasures in the world’s great museums such as the Smithsonian and British Natural History Museum.

Blue Beach is often visited by international palaeontologists and geologists who have emphasized the remarkable uniqueness of this treasure right on our doorstep. Young students who visit here go away with glowing eyes and the vision of one day becoming palaeontologists making important fossil finds. Yet no proper entity exists here to display our fossils and tell this amazing chapter in the evolution of life on earth. Our goal is to change this situation to the benefit of the people of Nova Scotia and international scientific community.

The vision of our Society – an officially recognized charitable organization – is to construct a world-class facility that will attract scientists, students and the public to Blue Beach where they can experience the excitement of studying, seeing and even walking the beach and discovering these extraordinary fossils. We believe the development of Blue Beach Fossil Museum will be an important scientific, educational and economic asset to the people of Nova Scotia that will accrue handsome benefits to the province and local population for many years. The Society has spent a number of years planning the museum and now is taking the next step in seeking financial resources and support to make our vision a reality.

We are at the threshold of turning this vision into a reality and to do so require your support.


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