The current museum at Blue Beach is an eighteen-year, donation-supported, passionate volunteer effort by two entrepreneurs who have accumulated the largest collection of fossils in Atlantic Canada. There are now nearly 2200 footprint-bearing slabs and 7000 fossilized bone specimens in storage, not to mention hundreds of plant and invertebrate remains. The current facility is inadequate to house this collection.

  • World’s oldest and largest collection of tetrapod fossils (~350 million years ago).
  • Largest collection from “Romer’s Gap” (earliest Carboniferous Period).
  • Earliest evidence of terrestrial animals on the planet.
  • Oldest and largest collection of Carboniferous tracks (over 1,900 specimens).
  • Fossils from this site are considered treasures in the world’s great museums: Natural History Museum (London), Redpath (Montreal), Smithsonian (Washington).
  • One of the most important events in the evolution of life. Internationally recognized as a world-class fossil locality. A geological “Rosetta Stone”.

The BBFM Society’s goal is to build a ‘new’ super cool museum in order to protect, promote and present the geological treasures of Blue Beach for the benefit of all.