Warning: digging at or tampering in any way with the cliffs is both dangerous and prohibited by Nova Scotia law.

Experience the fossils of Blue Beach through the eyes of the expert who has worked this site and collected fossils here for almost three decades! Each of our three tours explore a different part of the fossil shoreline. Each location has unique geology, fantastic fossils, and a story that will amaze you! The tides of the Bay of Fundy roll in twice a day cutting and eroding the cliffs and exposing new fossil layers to be discovered, making each visit unique.

Tour 1: The Blue Beach Tour (1 hr.) (about 2 kms.)
The classic Blue Beach Tour is an unforgettable journey in time. Take your family or group to explore 350-million year old footprint-beds, fossils of fish, plants, and so much more. In this journey you will discover how the rocks were formed and how these precious fossils were preserved. Learn how paleontologists read the rocks and fossils to discover ancient climates, landscapes, environments, and Geologic upheavals.

Tour 2: The Lighthouse Cove Tour (2 hrs.) (about 5 kms.)
This tour is a serious adventure featuring an expedition to the richest-known tetrapod beds at Blue Beach. You can search for the bones of the first land-animals and help solve “Evolution’s Greatest Mystery”. On this tour you will visit a large tetrapod trackway in the bedrock and several fossilized forests. If you are lucky the tides will have exposed new evidence for the giant predatory fish—the Letognathus!

Tour 3: The Low-Tide Tour (1 hr.) (about 2 kms.)
When the tide is all the way out, Blue Beach reveals some of its most hidden treasures, including giant trackways made by mysterious mud crawling fish and mud geysers, now frozen in stone, that were coughed out of the Earth by primordial Earthquakes! See these features and the other unusual fossils and geology of Blue Beach North.

“For us, this was the highlight of our family trip to Nova Scotia! We were so excited to have a chance to walk the beach with a palaeontology expert and find foot prints, fossil amphibians, plants, fish, horseshoe crabs, tree trunks, and more!! Nova Scotia does not allow fossil collection, but the generous tour gave us plenty of time to take great pictures and make forever memories!” —The West family, London, Canada