What are Tetrapods? They are four-legged land animals? If life evolved in the sea, then where did four-legged land animals come from? Come to Blue Beach to find out!

Blue Beach Tetrapods are the most ancient land animals with backbones ever discovered!

Blue Beach is full of their tracks and bones! Blue Beach also has fossils of the fish, plants, and invertebrates that live along side some of the first animals to walk on land.

The oldest fossil foot tracks of land vertebrates in the world come from Blue Beach! The museum hosts a mind-blowing collection of more than 2000 tetrapod-track slabs. Visit and find out why researchers call Blue Beach tracks the "Fossil Track Rosetta Stones"!

350 Million Years ago tetrapods made their first bold invasion of the land in the coastal margins of what is now the Bay of Fundy. Visit to find out why their story is called “Evolution's Greatest Mystery”.

35 Million Years before Joggins' famous forests existed, exotic early ferns and other lower Carboniferous forest and shoreline plants grew around what is now Blue Beach! Visit to find out why they early plant communities caused permanent changes to Earth's ancient atmosphere!

Arthropods and other invertebrates were also colonizing the land. Blue Beach has fossils of the oldest known ecosystem where these creatures moved in to non-marine environments.